Captured escapee has strong words for people who helped police find him

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Christopher Melton claims it wasn’t hard escaping prison on Saturday.

“It was easy. Broke out of Blackburn. Really wasn’t breaking out of it. Hopped the fence. Took off running," said the 23 year old Melton Monday morning from the Lincoln County Jail in Stanford, where he was housed after his capture.

Police say he and Tyler Roberts stole a truck and headed to Garrard County, where Roberts has family. Police say they believe the two went from church to church, along Ky. 39, south of Lancaster, looking for help, until someone apparently called the cops.

“Caught us off guard. They had some people stab us in the back,” said Melton, of the people who alerted police to his and Roberts’ apparent whereabouts.

Police describe it in a much different way.

“They (police) were searching houses around the county, and in the city, and apparently someone in one of those houses said that might be where they want to check, a church out on Crab Orchard Rd.,” said Garrard County Sheriff Ron Wardrip.

Melton had some strong words for those that helped police catch him.

“I know your address. I know where you live. I will get out eventually,” Melton said during the interview with WKYT, looking directly into the camera as he said it.

Roberts stayed on the run until police spotted him near Gilbert’s Creek Road Monday morning. He eventually surrendered after a short foot chase with deputies and Lancaster officers. Both are expected to face a boatload of new charges, yet Melton claims he won’t stay locked up for long.

“Mom, I love you. Sorry for escaping from Blackburn. Don’t worry. I’ll be out soon enough, again,” Melton said, again looking directly into the camera.

Both men were housed in the Lincoln County jail but were expected to be sent back to state prison.

WKYT spoke with Garrard County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Lockridge about the statements made by Melton. He said until he sees the interview it’s too early to tell if it could result in more charges, but officials at the Lincoln County Regional Jail said the statements could fall in line with terroristic threatening.

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