Car crashes into lobby of Morehead hospital

ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. A woman taking her mother to the hospital had her own medical emergency, sending her car into the side of the building.

Morehead Police say a woman taking her mother to St. Claire Regional Medical Center had a seizure as she was pulling up to the building. Her car crashed through the wall next to the entrance, damaging the building and her car.

Hospital workers responded to the crash. The driver was treated at St. Claire. Her mother was taken to UK Hospital. Police say she may have had some broken ribs but they are both expected to recover.

Police say the quick work of the doctors and nurses kept those injuries from being any worse.

"I was the first one on scene I guess you could say, but the ER staff was already out attending to the driver and the passenger," said Morehead Police officer Mark Hammonds.

There were no other injuries.

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