Car fire damages part of Lexington home

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Firefighters say three people were able to make it out of a burning Lexington home, thanks to smoke detectors that woke them up.

Around 4:00 Saturday morning, a family of three woke up to smoke alarms going off inside their home. They soon realized the back part of the home was engulfed in flames.

By the time firefighters got to the home on Clemens Drive, they realized the fire actually started in a car parked under the back deck. Flames then spread up to the deck and toward the back door, before crews were finally able to stop it from spreading.

Firefighters say if it weren't for working smoke detectors, this situation could have turned out much worse.

"Without having functioning smoke detectors in the house, while they were asleep, they may very well have never gotten any notice of the fire until either they were overcome by the smoke or the fire had grown to such an extent that it could have trapped them in the house," explains Major C.J. Haunz, Lexington Fire Department. "The consequences of that of course would have been very bad."

Firefighters aren't sure what started the flames, but the homeowners believe a malfunction inside the car may be to blame.

The homeowners told fire officials they barely used the car and just kept it parked in the back.

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