WKYT Investigates: Car thefts and how you're your own worst enemy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Auto thefts are happening, on average, twice a day in Lexington.

Someone stole Donna Dalzell's car last year. "I was surprised," Dalzell said, when she walked out to her driveway to find it empty.

"We do have a significant problem here," said Detective Jason Rothermon with Lexington Police. Rothermon handles auto thefts in the city and says there's a misconception about what it really takes to steal an automobile. "The suspects that we have now aren't the old 'smash and grab' kind of guys. They are younger and less experienced. What they do is they look for opportunities and they look for opportunities with little or no resistance."

Det. Rothermon says the thieves aren't breaking windows to get into the cars, they are finding plenty of cars that are open with the keys inside. "It takes less than 30 seconds for someone to open a car door, go into the glove box, find a key and drive away with your car if you've allowed that opportunity to take place," said Rothermon.

Det. Rothermon says police are making a lot of arrests. They are even dealing with some organized auto theft rings in Lexington.