Car thieves targeting Lexington pizza delivery drivers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Four car thefts, all involving pizza delivery drivers, in less than a week. That's the latest string of car thefts that Lexington police are now investigating.

The latest theft happened Monday night on Outrider Way. Around 7:30 p.m., police say a Papa John's driver was delivering pizza to a home and left the keys in the ignition. When the employee came back, the car was gone.

Police say one person has been arrested for that crime. But three other recent car thefts are, so far, still unsolved.

The first happened last Thursday on Twin Pines Way. Then Saturday night, the same thing happened on Donabrook Court and then again on Weber Way.

All involved pizza delivery drivers and each of them left their keys inside the cars. That has police reminding everyone to be smart.

"We say it over and over again," says Sherelle Roberts, Public Information Officer for the Lexington Division of Police. "'Lock your doors, don't leave you're car unattended.' And you know people think, 'it won't happen to me, it can't happen to me.' Honestly we've had a lot of people realize in the past few weeks that it can happen to them."

These thefts involving pizza delivery drivers are a trend in a total of 16 car thefts that have happened in Lexington just within the past week.

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