Car crashes into home

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A frightening experience for people inside a Lexington home when a car comes barreling through an intersection and into it.

Emergency crews had to put up a temporary support inside the home on E. 6th and Limestone, to hold up part of the house.

Gayle Logan, who witnessed the accident says, "I thought he'd hit a car, or a car hit him. But he didn't he just hit a pole."

Police say the car has Virginia plates and the driver may be from out of town.

They say he may have been distracted or distressed when he hit the pole.

Logan stayed by the man's side, until he was rushed to the hospital.

"We told him to stay in the vehicle, not to get out."

Police do not believe the driver had been drinking.

The driver was taken to the hospital with a head injury, but it did not appear to be life threatening.