Arrest made for carjacking and robbery in Grant County

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WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators say 25-year-old David Hager is the man behind two connected crimes that happened within a mile from each other in Grant County this afternoon.

According to the Kentucky State Police, Hager is said to have first car jacked a woman on Barnes Road and then used her car to rob the Grant County Drugs pharmacy at gunpoint, giving the pharmacists inside quite the scare.

"That was about the most frightening thing that's ever happened to me to say the least, " described pharmacist Jason Wallace.

Wallace runs the store and says he was handling one medical emergency when a bigger problem came up.

"We were in the process of filling a rescue inhaler for a patient that was having an asthma attack in the parking lot, so I was pretty focused on getting the rescue inhaler filled for that patient when he walked in and pointed the gun at us."

Just before that robbery took place, State Police say Hager jumped into a 2000 tan Oldsmobile Bravada and forced a female driver to drive past the pharmacy several times. Trooper David Jones said the suspect was likely trying to case the store.

"He got in the vehicle with her and made her drive him around for approximately ten to 15 minutes. He then had her exit the vehicle and did not give her her phone, he kept it in the vehicle with him."

The woman was forced out at Industrial Road, uninjured. That's when Hager made his move, covering his face with two bandanas and wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gloves, he made a demand for pills and money. Wallace said he has difficulty hearing and wears hearing aids, but missed the initial demand for the cash.

Instead, the pharmacist did his best to calm the gunman down.

"He had on us a timeline because when he first came in he said you've got two minutes," recalled Wallace, who added, "my first thought was to my staff, to protect my staff."

Wallace requested the other employees be allowed to step back further into the store. Wallace says the gunman denied it. So as the pharmacist filled the bags with oxycodone he did his best to alert police.

"He was sort of busy looking At the bag and that's when I triggered the alarm."

Then the man then fled with only the pills and sped off west on Barnes Road. Wallace says it was a telling sign, "He must not be from here because he went west on Barnes Road dead-ends and that's where he abandoned the vehicle."

The tan vehicle was later found abandoned.

Investigators say they soon got a call from a man who said he had given a suspicious man a ride back into Williamstown. Grant County deputies soon caught up to Hager on the 1500 block of Cordova Road.

The Grant County Sheriff says soon after, he and his deputies have spent much of the night searching an area west of the pharmacy looking for the gun used and other evidence that connects to the case. They were able to find several pill bottles, but without the medication inside. The gun has still not been found.

Hager is charged with Kidnapping, Robbery, and Theft by Unlawful Take of an Automobile. He is currently in the Grant County Detention Center. The incident remains under investigation.

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