Carlisle police chase ends with crash and arrest

CARLISLE, KY (WKYT) - Carlisle Police say they're thankful no one was injured after a chase through the city that ended when a robbery suspect flipped a minivan.

The chase started just before 8PM Monday night. Police say 31-year-old Joshua Cunningham went into the Family Dollar in downtown Carlisle and robbed it. They say the cashiers identified the suspect before police were even involved.

"They advised that Josh Cunningham had came in and robbed them, jumped over the counter and stole the money out of the counter," said Carlisle Police Officer Scott Johnson.

Johnson says Cunningham was driving his girlfriend's mini-van, speeding through the downtown area, running stop signs and coming close to several families.

"They saw him and pulled their children back out of the way as he went by," Johnson said.

Once Cunningham hit a steep hill on North Street police say he couldn't keep the van on the road, losing control and eventually flipping the vehicle on it's side.

People who live on the street where he crashed said Cunningham asked several people for help turning the vehicle back on its wheels. When those neighbors told him they had called 911, they say Cunningham ran away. An off-duty police officer who had responded to the crash saw Cunningham going behind a home and took off after him.

"He was in his civilian clothes, had shorts and flip-flops on. Made the arrest behind the house with that on,"Johnson said.

Cunningham is charged with first degree robbery, fleeing and evading, criminal mischief and eight counts of wanton endangerment.

Johnson says Cunningham told police he took his girlfriends van while she was sleeping. She told police it only had liability insurance coverage and she didn't know how she was going to pay for the damage.

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