Cars stuck in high water during afternoon rush hour

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Thursday’s afternoon rush hour turned frightening for some drivers in Lexington.

They got stuck in their cars as heavy rain turned a road into a stream.

The water came up to car doors along Star Shoot Parkway in Hamburg.

Drivers told us they couldn't see the high water in time.
When the strong rainstorm swept through, the storm drains overflowed and the street quickly became flooded.

“Several places around Lexington you'll find there is water that will stand in the roadway during an intense rain shower. The best thing to do is just wait or take an alternate route,” said Major Joe Madden with the Lexington Fire Department.

But two drivers passing along that road didn't exactly follow those safety guidelines.

“I went into the water anyway,” said Joey Khin. “I saw somebody pass through it and I thought I could make it but I could not make it. I know it’s dumb.”

A man driving a black car said it was raining so hard that he couldn't see how deep the standing water was -- that is, until his car became stuck in it.

Firefighters say the fact that the surrounding storm drains were clogged by leaves only made matters worse but, of course, matters like these are ones that can typically be avoided.

Thankfully, neither driver was injured in Thursday’s incident but once again, this is reminders that in that type of weather it’s always important to turn around and don’t drown.

Lexington firefighters also advise people not to put their leaves in storm drains because it causes drains to clog and easily overflow.

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