Road officials describe snowy Lexington roads as 'hazardous'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Streets and Roads crews say they fought an uphill battle Monday morning as snow came down as quickly as snowplows could clear it off streets.

By noon, they said they started to make progress on snowy roads because the snow stopped falling.

However, they say road conditions aren’t in the clear.

Road officials say some streets are hazardous, others are poor and some main roads are fair.

According to road crews, snow plows are spread throughout Lexington and they're working on clearing priority roads.

Police say there have been over 50 motorist assists and accidents since the snow started falling Sunday night.

Police shut down the ramp at Newtown Pike to I-75 North after three cars got stuck in the snow.

Road crews say drivers should be using extreme caution, especially on slippery side streets.

"Just be careful, leave yourself plenty of time. Be smart when you see our trucks coming, please be courteous to them because they're just trying to make it safer," said Albert Miller, the Streets and Roads acting director.

Road officials say they’re worried the snow that has been melted by salt may refreeze into black ice. So they say they're working to clear as many roads as possible before Monday evening.

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