Cars vandalized while church members attended bible study

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Every week members of the Salt River Independent Baptist Church gather for bible study. But this Sunday, things ended differently.

"After it was over, we found that some cars had been vandalized," says Pastor Carl Bush.

At least ten cars were keyed and left with scratches.

"It was devastating. I wouldn't have thought about that happening," adds Bush.

Bush tells WKYT that his wife's car wasn't sparred from the damage either, "It was over $700 worth of damage to my wife's car."

Vandalism isn't all that some church members found after their bible study wrapped up.

"We went and looked at it and sure enough the gas cap was open, they had stolen the gas. They stole her steering wheel cover, of all things. They tried to take the seat cover. And they just ransacked her car pretty well," says Bush.

Pastor Bush says after this incident he's going to look into installing surveillance cameras around the church.

"The other churches better be on the look out because if it happened to us, it may happen to them also, Bush says.

Pastor Bush is still trying to figure out why thieves would target his church, "I'd say that if they're desperate and really need help, we're a church that helps a lot of people if the need is legitimate. So there's no need to steal from us."

Pastor Bush doesn't think the vandalism will impact attendance at Church and he is praying that it will not.