Case of mistaken identity leads to hate mail for Casey Co. man

He calls it a case of mistaken identity. A man tell us he's receiving hateful messages because another man with the same name and who lives in the same county used an effigy of President Obama.

We first told you about the controversy over the effigy of President Obama holding a plastic piece of watermelon in Casey County in January.

The man who put it up, Danny Hafley, said it was a joke.

Now, another man named Danny Hafley tells us people are wrongfully blaming him for it.

"It started right after ya'll done the interview," the other Hafley says.

He came to the WKYT studios on Monday to show us mail he's been receiving since we aired the story.

"This one talks about hillbillies and all that," Hafley says.

There was at least one letter with a message we can't show you on television.

As the mail keeps coming, Danny Hafley tells us he's worried about his son and says he could have lost his job. It's just one of many reasons he wants to get his message out loud and clear.

"I don't want no one to hate me for another person's ignorance," Hafley says.

While both Danny Hafley's live in Casey County, the one who came to us lives in Liberty. The man who had the statue lives near Hustonville.

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