Road rage leads to man being shot in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a road rage incident took a violent turn and sent one man to the hospital.

It all took place Saturday afternoon around 4:00 near the intersection of Georgetown Street and Ironworks Pike.

WKYT’s Jordan Vilines talked to the victim’s family and has the story:

A man was brought to UK Hospital after police say he was shot during an episode of road rage.

“My sister was driving the blue Ford and the car ran into them because the people in the white car were trying to pass another truck and he didn’t see her on the side so when he swooped over, he hit her,” said Carolyn Banks.

Officers say the crash was then followed by a fight between the folks in both cars a fight that was fueled by, believe or not, a fender-bender.

“For all that to have happened, that’s just uncalled for; it’s ridiculous.”

“It is road rage and there were kids in the car, there were two little kids in the car.”

Banks says by the time she pulled up to the scene, the fight had apparently already started.

“The guy in the back seat came out of the white Camry and was cussing my sister out.He said he was going to hit her and and draws back to hit my sister and when he did, my dad hit him. When he hit him, he stumbled over toward the side and when he did the dude pulled a gun out and shot him,” Carolyn Banks said.

Shortly after the shooting, the Robbery/Homicide Unit arrested 30-year-old Sean Edwards Sampson and charged him with 2nd degree assault.

“I mean he kept shooting him, it was just like pop pop pop. It was crazy; they shot him in his leg.”

Banks says she's still in disbelief that a seemingly senseless case of road rage could turn so violent so quickly.

“I’m mad, scared, my dad is at UK and it was hard to see him get shot. That’s crazy.”

At this time, Lt. Sam Murdock with the Lexington Police Department tells us the shooting victim has non life-threatening injuries.

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