Catholic Action Center open 24/7 to help homeless during storm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Shelters in Lexington are getting ready for what's expected to be a busy night Sunday.

The co-director of the Catholic Action Center says because of the dangerous weather they do expect more homeless women and men to come to them, wanting a warm place to sleep.
They plan on opening Sunday morning and staying open until that freezing weather is gone.

"If it comes in Sunday night there will be a lot of people who are sleeping out as they normally do and not expecting to have half an inch or three fourths of an inch of ice," Ginny Ramsey said.

Ramsey says the Street Voice Council will reach out to the homeless and invite them to come inside.

"We're asking them to go to the Hope Center, to go to the Salvation Army, to come to the Catholic Action Center, wherever it is even if it doesn't feel like it's dangerous weather, the dangerous weather is coming."

And it won't just be those without homes who will be helped by the center. People living in the area often go there during bad weather.

"Often their homes are not in shape for them to be able to weather this kind of storm," Ramsey said.

When the doors open tomorrow Sunday at 8 a.m. volunteers will be ready to serve until the freeze moves on.

"Our core volunteers have come forth to say we're here to finish this winter off and to keep people safe," Ramsey said.

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