Catholics react to pope remarks on gays, abortion

NEW YORK (AP) - Catholics around the globe are expressing mixed but mostly positive reactions to Pope Francis' recent remarks that the church has become too focused on "small-minded rules" on hot-button issues like homosexuality and abortion.

At churches over the weekend, the faithful spoke about how they believed Francis' comments would impact the Catholic Church.

In the U.S., 26-year-old Evelyn Martinez, of Boston, says she agrees with Francis that compassion should be one of the church's main priorities. She says someone's sexuality shouldn't keep them away from a religion.

In the Philippines, Manila businesswoman Ching Domasian says she believes the church needs to keep up the fight against abortion and homosexuality, but she appreciates the pope's outreach.

Seventy-four-year-old Jose Baltazar, of Manila, says the pope has set his priorities mindful of stark realities.

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