Fans prepare for tomorrow's game in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, In. (WKYT) -- It was a late night for fans leaving Lucas Oil Stadium Friday night, and probably even later after a little extra celebrating. Saturday its about relaxing after an intense day of cheering.

The cold day in Indianapolis is not putting a damper on the spirits of Wildcat fans still riding high off Friday nights thrilling win over Louisville.

Fans looking for something to do found their way to Tin Roof downtown, to take in more UK basketball.

"Today, you found me watching the UK women's team, supporting them. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good ending," said Brenda Gosney.

Brenda Gosney is the president of the UK Alumni Association. She says she will travel just about anywhere for The Cats.

"I think i have been going to see NCAA tournaments since 1995," said Gosney.

Gosney is not alone when it comes to racking up the miles and hitting the road to see The Cats.

"Been in California 32 years and still have my season tickets," said Ron Smith.

These two are life long fans too. They traveled 10 hours one way just for their Cats.

"We dove through across Iowa, through Illinois and into Indiana. We had a flat tire missed out on the pep rally but we have our UK wearables and we are in good shape."

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