'Cattle rustlers' on the loose in Lincoln County

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In Lincoln County cow thieves also known as cattle rustlers are on the prowl. Farmers tell us with the rise in price per pound one cow can sell for 1500 or more.

Stanford in Lincoln County home to one of the biggest beef producing counties in the state. Now local county officials are trying to figure out how to solve a problem regarding beef.

"Well, we have an issue very costly to farmers to what we call cattle rustling or thieving of our cattle," said Dan Grigson, from the UK Extension AG Lincoln.

"As a kid on old western movie you'd see I've heard about a time or two over my lifetime," said Grigson.

Boyd Coleman runs the old Mathaney Farm.

Two hundred acres of land where his cows can graze, 65 of them well at one time. That number has dropped and its not because he sold them.

"I've noticed I got 15 adult cows gone and eight big calf weighing four to five hundred pounds and somebody gotta a tremendous payday look like they rip me off thirty thousand dollars or maybe more worth of cattle," said Boyd Coleman.

He says cattle rustlers noticed his cows getting shade from this barn. One day he says they went through his gate backed up their trailer and simply took off with their haul.

"Naw, I'll never see 'em again more than likely they went to stock yard next day could even went out of state," said Coleman.

Coleman insists this loss will be tough to make up.

"It's a terrible loss something mama cow is lost so these are cows I'm gonna lose income years down the road," said Coleman.

Coleman says he left no identifiable marks on his cows. Now, the Lincoln County Sheriff wants to get the word
out to farmers so this can be prevented.

"Branding is a permanent mark and each farmer would have their own brand and mark to be easy to identify."

All Boyd Coleman can do now is file a criminal complaint and hope a cattle rustler will be caught and locked up.

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