Cattle farmers working to keep cows safe in cold

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Cattle farmers are taking extra precautions in this bitterly cold weather. They need to make sure water doesn't freeze and cattle are well fed.

Johnnie Hymer's Scott County farm had a new addition Tuesday night. A calf was born.

"It's not good to breed cows to have calves this time of year," said Hymer.

He says the key is to make sure the livestock keeps their body temperature up. That's accomplished through steady feedings.

The cattle will also find low spots on the farm to get out of the wind.

His biggest concern is his farm equipment. They require electricity and if the power goes out, they won't work, and he can't feed the livestock.

Hymer's been farming cattle for more than 50 years. He hasn't experienced temperatures this cold many times. Hymer says it might be his last winter.

"I'm kind of getting ready to ease out of it," said Hymer. "I'm 73-years-old, still farming and feeding out. It's getting to where I'm not able to do it as I used to, out in this weather."

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