Caught on camera: Thieves use bill trick to steal hundreds in quarters

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FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - People always seem to talk about the power of a dollar, and this past weekend two men found a way to abuse it by using one bill to steal hundreds of dollars from a Flemingsburg laundromat, and it was all caught on camera.

"See how the one guy hides it?" pointed out Jim Bradley, owner of the Village Wash House, while watching his security camera feed.

In the video, two men are seen stealing quarters from the laundromat's coin machine, but this wasn't just pocket change.

"Five-hundred dollars is 2,000 quarters. That's a lot of quarters to take out of here," stated Bradley.

Bradley says he came up to the laundromat on Saturday and filled his coin machine. He even made another trip to repair a washing machine. However it wasn't until a quick stop on Sunday morning, when his wife noticed the red light on his coin machine was lit, that he realized he had been cleaned out.

"I had it completely full, and when I opened the changer up it was completely empty. So, I pulled the bill validator and it had $15 in it. The math doesn't add up."

Bradley said watching the security feed mad him mad.

"It (the bill) took, he takes the money (change), now watch him hold that billfold up and pull on something. See it (the bill) come out!? It's fishing twine, I'd say."

The pair pulled this crime off three times during the course of the evening, and Bradley said it was often times done right in front of other customers.

"This guy, right here, is standing there watching it happen," he said pointing to the TV monitor, "but they didn't know and didn't see them doing anything but getting change."

Bradley said one woman was slightly suspicious, but dismissed it with a passing joke that they had "hit the lottery."

While Bradley waits for the wheels of justice to turn, he's taking action by updating his machine's bill reader and going high-def on his security cameras.

Bradley says he has a reward waiting for anyone who's able to put these two men in jail. As for the police, they say this case remains under investigation, but they released on their Facebook page that they believe the men drove off in a late model, burgundy vehicle.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Flemingsburg Police Department at 606-845-2321.

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