Caught on tape: Semi catches fire

A semi truck driver had just seconds to escape before his engine caught fire Tuesday afternoon on Winchester Road at Fortune Drive.

The cleanup delayed traffic for hours.

Absorbent pads are the only thing left at the scene, soaking up the leftover diesel that leaked out of that truck when it caught on fire.

The driver wasn't able to pull to the side of the road before flames erupted from his truck.

Major Ed Davis with the Lexington Fire Department says, "a lot of times when people open the hood flames will roll out and get their hands, their arms, their face. So luckily this thing was actually going pretty good. Lucky for him it was too hot for him to open."

Major Davis says it could have been a lot worse for the driver, who got out just fine.

Firefighters had to work fast to keep leaking diesel from creeping any further along the road.

Traffic is back to normal, but crews will come back and pack up the absorbent pads once they're sure all the diesel is off the road.

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