Cemetery manager fed up with vandalism


For decades, Cove Haven Cemetery has served as a final resting place for hundreds. It's also a resting place that has had it's fair share of unrest due to a persistent vandalism problem.

"I've put barbed wire up there. They've cut that down," says Ruthan Fields, the cemetery's owner.

"That's an iron fence over 100 years old and they wiggled it until it broke so they could get their bikes through," adds Fields.

For the past 16 years, Fields has worked tirelessly to keep criminals out, "I guess you say you cant keep a thief out well you can't keep me out either."

Late Friday night, some thieves struck again. This time, they stole the battery out of the cemetery's back hoe and cut the attached cables.

"It's just such a senseless act," Fields says.

Fields believes that the thief was able to get through the fence by either lifting it up and scooting underneath it, or sliding through the middle of the bars.

Fields believes it's the same thieves coming back, "I don't even think these are kids because they know where to go on that backhoe because they've done it before.

Fields installed a $2,500 fence after a similar break-in in June. Although the culprit managed to slip through this time, she's hopefully this time will be the last, "We are going to find you. We are going to get you."

Fields plans to watch the coveted ground more closely to ensure that this final resting place is kept sacred.

Fields says she also plans to install motion-activated lights and possibly a surveillance system to prevent future break-ins.

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