Central Kentucky girl granted tea party wish

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - She's a Central Kentucky girl who had her wish granted. Sophia Crawford battles Batten disease, an illness with no treatment or cure. Her life expectancy is anywhere between two and four years old. Saturday, Sophia had a chance to have a tea party at a place built for princesses - Castle Post in Versailles.

"She has a bucket list, and one of the items on her bucket list is a tea party. So because she's a princess she is having a tea party at the Castle today with her friends," explained mother Jaime Crawford.

Sophia is one of about 130 children in the US with Batten disease, a terminal illness that affects her sight, her muscles, and her brain. Crawford says caring for Sophia is like caring for a newborn.

"We just take the good with the bad and treasure every day that we have with her."

Saturday, the Crawford family met with friends for a tea party in Sophia's honor.

"It's made a simple tea party to be something so special for us."

The hospitality the servers at the Castle Post showed made the day extra special for Princess Sophia.

"It's just an amazing thing. We're just very grateful just to have memories like this with Sophia. We could never do this on our own," noted Crawford.

If you'd like to learn more about Sophia, you can visit her Facebook page. A link is below.

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