Central Kentucky group on mission to save 11 historic homes

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- A central Kentucky group is on a mission to save historic homes in our area.

The Blue Grass Trust For Historic Preservation has created a list of endangered historic buildings to try and save them.

When you see this plaque on a home or building it's a pretty big deal. It means the structure is historic or it has architectural importance.

The Blue Grass Trust For Historic Preservation has had trouble keeping these buildings up to their historic standards, some of the owners live out of town, and all are vacant.

The trust released 11 central Kentucky structures on its endangered list to help shed light on the problem.

Linda Carroll is the president of Blue Grass Trust and she has seen a lot of neglect

"Holes in the roof, extensive water damage, mold. There are bricks popping out some of them, but all are repairable," said Carroll.

There are fourteen historic districts in Lexington.

"They represent some of the most beautiful and important properties in the community," said Carroll.

Joe Turley lives in the Boonesboro Avenue historic district. This is of the endangered houses on his block. He says these homes are important even if you don't live in the area

"It impacts the neighbor the quality of neighborhood in particular because the house has been neglected for years currently it has a hole in the roof at least a year to two years," said Turley.

There is some good news on the list, a home on West Third Street is under reconstruction, mainly from the inside.

"Its the age and pattern of neglect that's a part of the problem and sometimes shining a light on the problem is the solution because somebody will hear this and they will go and investigate these properties," said Turley.

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