Police: deputy jailer claims to be sheriff to get library card

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IRVINE, Ky. (WKYT) - He went in to get a library card at the Estill County library on Monday, October 21, but was told no because he didn't have a bill with his address on it.

"He got very upset over that and flashed, very briefly, a billfold that had a white card with a five point star on it. He said, 'Even for the Clark County Sheriff?' They said, 'No, it doesn't matter who you are, those are the rules,'" said Captain Adrian McKinney, of the Irvine Police Department.

There's just one problem, this man Stephen Silagy is not the man who wears the Clark County Sheriff's badge!

"No idea why he would've done that," stated Sheriff Berl Perdue.

Sheriff Perdue said his office got a complaint call last week saying someone claiming to be the sheriff was rude and threatening a librarian. The real Sheriff took issue to someone claiming to represent his office.

"We take that very serious, because it's a terrible reflection on not only our office, but law enforcement in general."

Police say Silagy is familiar with jail cells, but not for the reasons you might think.

"They brought us pictures and said, 'Do you know this person?' Yes, we did," answered Captain McKinney, "Mr. Silagy is currently working in Clark County as a deputy jailer."

Silagy was arrested and charged with impersonating a peace officer on Friday, and the deputy jailer was shown the other side of the bars all because he couldn't get a library card. Captain McKinney said this charge is a felony and, if convicted, could carry a sentence of one to five years.

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