Central Kentucky man charged with attempted murder gets day in court

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Eddie Rose faces attempted murder charges for trying to kill his grandparents. He attacked his grandparents on June 20, and on Friday Rose was back in court for a preliminary hearing.

During the preliminary hearing for Rose in Madison District Court, WKYT heard from a Richmond Police Officer who responded to the home on East Main Street during the attack.

The Richmond Police Officer outlined the case they have against 22-year-old Eddie Rose. Rose confessed to police the day of the incident that he poured gasoline on his grandfather, William Covington, and assaulted his grandmother, Loretta Covington.

Investigators also gathered nine witness statements from people who saw Rose pushing Loretta Covington into a moving car near their East Main Street home.

Police say once she was down on the ground, Rose stomped on her head several times.

Loretta Covington was rushed to UK Hospital with serious injuries, including a broken neck, cracked skull and brain bleeding.

William Covington was treated at Baptist Health in Richmond.

Police say, "Mr. Rose was standing over the female victim in the middle of the road. As I approached he turned and left. So he was either in progress, or just concluded. He said that his grandfather told him something about his past that he didn't like, and he was going to fight him like a man."

The case was waived to the Grand Jury.

Rose is also charged with First Degree Burglary in connection with the incident.


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