Central Ky teen medium using talent to help others

Cynthiana, Ky.-(WKYT) The world of paranormal investigating or ghost hunting has become extremely popular and Kentucky is a hot bed of activity.

Having grown up in Cynthiana, Ky WKYT's Amber Philpott had always heard the tales of the ghosts that haunted Rohs Opera House.

Amber takes you inside the Rohs theatre and the world of a central Kentucky teenager with the mysterious ability to communicate with those on the others side.

Built in 1871 the Rohs Opera House in Cynthiana is known for its history and its hauntings.

Some say the theater is one of the most haunted locations in Kentucky, complete with sightings of a lady in white and the sound of children laughing.

15-year-old Cassidy Rae claims to see and hear all the ghostly happenings inside Rohs.

On the day we met her she told us about seeing a little girl who was hiding behind the curtains on the stage at the theatre.

Cassidy Rae is known as a teen medium.

"When I sit in the seats its almost like I can feel the excitement and all the emotions from the people sitting and watching. I feel people next to me," said Cassidy Rae.

Cassidy calls what she has a gift. She is someone who can communicate with what many of us can't see.

"I can see, hear, have a conversation with spirits, sometimes these spirits can make me feel a certain emotion really strongly."

Cassidy Rae of Nicholasville is a seemingly normal teen, that is until you ask her about her gift.

"Its almost like a door kicked open and I was seeing, shadows and lights and mists. I was hearing people say my name and I would turn and no one would be there."

It was 2011 when Cassidy got a crash course that first night when her ability presented itself while on a paranormal investigation with her family in Virginia.

Since that night she has embraced it and what she can offer by using her ability to communicate with spirits.

"I saw this as an opportunity to make people less depressed or upset. If you lose someone it can take a toll on you, its good to help people get a sense of closure."

Cassidy is no stranger to ghost hunting, she has her own paranormal web show called Dead People See Me.

In the show, Cassidy travels with a team of investigators and documents their findings.

She even has photos, that she claims help prove her gift exists.

The photos captured by Kentucky Thermal Imaging show her normal brain activity in red and then white hot when her gift is turned on.

WKYT's Amber Philpott went along and walked through the Rohs Opera House with Cassidy to learn more about what she sensed.

It's a place Philpott says she has been many times, but never experienced quite like this.

Cassidy told her that upstairs at the theatre there is always a man and he is always standing in a corner.

It seems downstairs or up, our crew wasn't alone.

It turns out Philpott wasn't either. She learned through a reading from Cassidy that someone is always with her.

Cassidy was able to tell Amber that both of her protectors are women, and one has an overwhelming scent of lavender.

While the spirits Cassidy told us about at Rohs were friendly, that hasn't always been the case.

"There have been more times than not we've come across the bad, the three times I have its been bad."

So what about skeptics?

"I really like skeptics, honestly because its interesting to me to hear why they are skeptics."

Believe her or not, Cassidy says she is using what she sees and what we don't to make a connection that ties two worlds together.

Cassidy Rae is very passionate about giving back.

For every paid reading and event she does she donates the money to a charity that supports efforts to help with the disease known as Chiari Malformation , which is a brain disorder.

For more on Cassidy Rae and the Rohs Opera House and the paranormal investigations it offers click on the links below.

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