CentrePointe project continues to progress

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Work on the underground parking garage is well underway, and after years of inactivity, folks in downtown Lexington are now seeing the CentrePointe project become more than just artist renderings.

"The barricades went up. And then the dozers and the backhoes and so forth are in there working right now. So we're proceeding according to plan," said project developer Dudley Webb.

Webb says the next four months will primarily be excavating and blasting through the rock that lies deep beneath the surface, 34 feet to be exact.

From that point, Webb says it will take around three months to construct the parking garage that will sit underneath the massive structure.

"On top of the garage will be a flat slab and then the buildings going up on top of that. And that process is about 18 months," Webb said.

So in about two years, Lexington should be seeing the long-awaited structure, completed and ready for business.

"I think the public's really gonna appreciate the hard work that went into this thing, but more importantly, the end product. It's gonna be great," added Webb.

Webb says from this point on, no traffic patterns should be affected by the construction.

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