Child found alone in hot car, babysitter cited

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - At about 11 a .m. Wednesday near the University of Kentucky campus, a LEXPARK officer was about to ticket a parked car, but when he/she got closer to it, a much larger problem was noticed. That officer saw a child in the car, unattended, with the windows barely rolled down.

Thankfully for that worker, the fire station is right across the street and there was a group of first responders there for a 9/11 memorial event with the Brother's Keepers Motorcycle Club.

"One of the motorcycle riders who was actually an off-duty fire captain was able to remove the antenna from his motorcycle and use it to shake down inside the door with one window that was open a little bit and we got the child out," said Lexington Fire Captain Matt Galati.

But, Galati admits, it was a close call even though the child was only in the car for about 10 minutes.

"It could have been a tragedy," said Galati. "Of course, the weather today, it's extremely hot. That's something that should never be done, even for a minute."

The child's babysitter was cited for wanton endangerment.

Luckily, the child was alright, police say. He was just a little warm to the touch and was taken home by his mother.

According to the Lexington Fire Department, there have been 12 reports of children left alone in cars this year.

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