Child shares her side of the story after attempted abduction

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It's the every day routine for eleven-year-old, Brookelyn Patton.

"She goes to the bus stop early because she plays with her friend, Louie the cat in the mornings on the way to the bus stop. So, she goes a little bit before the other children get there. Which we can't let her do anymore," says Patton's grandmother.

Brooklyn's grandmother and legal guardian didn't want to want to be identified, but says she is lucky that her granddaughter escaped, "She came in and told me that someone had tried to get her get in her car with them and had a hold of her arm. So, my day has been nervous. Hectic. Worried all day until she got home."

While police tell WKYT there are significant inconsistencies in this report, Brookelyn wanted to share her side of the story in hopes of helping other kids.

Brookelyn's grandmother gave us permission to interview her.

Brookelyn tells WKYT that she thought she knew the man in a red car parked on Degaris Mill Road.

"He just asked me to come over to him and that's when it happened. He grabbed me by my arm," says Patton.

Brooklyn says she learned about "stranger danger" in school and that the lesson helped her figure out what to do today, "If a stranger like tries to grab you for instance, like happened to me. If this happens, stay calm, increase your distance by taking four steps backward then quickly look for a safe escape route."

Brookelyn says she is glad her school sent home a packet on "stranger danger" so that others will know what to do, "I want my friends to be safe. Even if I don't know kids that are my own age, I want them to know what can happen."

Police plan to step up enforcement along Degaris Mill Road . They only have a vague description of the man, who Patton says grabbed her.

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