Child rescued from inside of arcade game

You have to see it to believe it. Firefighters came to the rescue after a toddler became trapped in an unusual spot.

The girl, Kaytlyn Campbell, became stuck in a claw game machine after crawling into it. Only WKYT was there when firefighters freed her at Commonwealth Coin Laundry, on Russell Cave Road in Lexington.

Campbell's family was doing laundry Tuesday night, and letting little Kaytlyn play with some other children when another parent saw the toddler inside the arcade game.

"We went back to put soap in the washer and came back and I seen a head pop up. I couldn't believe it at first. There was a little girl in the machine. She climbed through the hole," said witness Shauna Brown.

Kaytlyn was stuck inside the animal claw case at the laundromat and her parents were calling for help. Firefighters arrived shortly after they made the emergency call.

"They first tried to start picking the lock, but the mechanism on the locks wouldn't allow them to pick it. Then they tried to unscrew the sides, the top of the screws, they tried to unscrew those," said Brown.

"She did okay until they started cutting the lock off and then she started crying, was scared and stuff," said Grandmother Judy Campbell, "I just feel like a big burden's been lifted off of me."

Kaytlyn emerged from the machine unharmed. Firefighters let her keep two of the stuffed animals.

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