Children found wandering street alone, parents charged

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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - Two Southern Kentucky parents are facing charges after their children were found wandering alone in a parking lot.

Family members tell WKYT Lorman was a good mom. But now she is charged with endangering the welfare of her children.

"I'd hate for her to lose her kids because that's all the kids got is her," says Patricia Hacker, Lorman's aunt, "she worships her kids."

Police say Lorman and Smith were asleep at their home on Reams Lane in London. That's when Lorman's two-year-old son and three-year-old daughter walked out of the home and into the woods. Police say they made it about a quarter mile until post office employees spotted the two kids in the parking lot.

"They're little but kids do a lot of things when they're little," says Hacker. "I thank god that the kids didn't make it that far."

Hacker says she understands the kids could have gotten hurt, but insists Lorman works two jobs and has never been in trouble before. Hacker says her niece and Smith would play with the kids outside but would never leave them unsupervised.

"Maybe she messed up one time but that's apart of life. She's a mother struggling out here."

Lorman and Smith are still in the Laurel County Correctional Facility. Their children have been placed with a family member.

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