Christmas shoppers stuck in holiday traffic

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's something that shoppers are not only facing in the stores but also on the roads. The traffic just two days before Christmas in Lexington is at a stand-still.

Bumper to bumper traffic is pretty much to be expected the weekend before Christmas with people doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Many people living in Lexington tell us the holiday traffic is the worst they've ever seen.

"Hamburg is notorious for its traffic issues, but I have never seen it like this in my life," said Todd Oldfield, who lives in Lexington.

Believe it or not, the heavy traffic does not bother everyone.

"Generally speaking I love the people, I love the excitement, and I love all the spirit," said Oldfield.

But it's a different story and experience for others. Rhonda Leap says sitting in traffic isn't what she came to do.

"I'm just frustrated. And yeah, we've had a couple horns honking at us and people gesturing things," said Rhonda Leap, who traveled through Lexington from Indiana.

All in all, the holiday being just days away is keeping most in the Christmas spirit.

If you plan to go Christmas shopping Saturday night or Sunday, you might want to account for the extra time you could spend sitting in traffic.

Some people told us having a full weekend to shop before Christmas benefited them, but others aren't so sure you could get any shopping done with that much traffic.

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