Christopher Allman sentenced to life for the murder of Sarah Hart

JAMESTOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - They filled one-half the Russell Court Circuit courtroom, a place Hart’s father says he would rather not be, looking at the man who admitted to murdering his daughter.

“What emotion would it stir in you if it was your daughter? There’s still anger, always going to be anger. When you look at someone who took your daughter’s life. For no real reason,” said Roberts.

Hart died at the hands of Allman who attacked her after she became ill and left her sister during an early morning jog about 5 a.m. on June 14, 2012.

Allman admitted to the eight-count indictment in exchange for a life sentence in prison with no possibility of parole, but not the death penalty that Hart’s family had pushed for.

Hart’s father says they agreed to the plea deal knowing the appeals process in a death penalty conviction could last decades and with the life sentence, he will likely die in prison.

“As we end this chapter of this horror story, my mind immediately goes to we must push on. The children are what’s really important here,” said Roberts. Hart left behind three young children and was pregnant with her and husband's fourth.

Roberts says his community has helped him push on, as the horrific crime that ended his daughter’s life resulted in a tremendous outpouring, primarily in the Run With All Your Hart event held each August.

“Last year we gave away $5,000 in scholarships, this year we are giving away $10,000,” said Roberts. He says next year they could give away $15,000.

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