Church leveled by tornado; members break ground on new structure

WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A tornado leveled their church, but Sunday, members broke ground on a new structure. West Liberty Christian Church stood downtown for more than 100 years, until the March 2012 tornado. Sunday, more than 100 members gathered in the parking lot of the old structure to begin building the new one.

"It was just awful. Horrifying. I've never expected anything like it in my life," said member Gerleen Nickell, recalling the tornado.

"You can see the prints of the old building, where it was. And it's just unbelievable that there's nothing, nothing left there," noted church member Stanley Franklin, "we're in the process of getting back, and it's come a long way. If you'd been coming and going through the town you'd seen that a lot of it's back, such as that bank over there and we will eventually get built back.

The empty lot is surrounded by temporary buildings and other lots under construction, a sure sign the community, including West Liberty Christian, is determined to rebuild. Church leaders hope to have the new building open some time after Christmas 2014.

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