Church responds to controversial billboard with one of their own

It's a reply to a controversial billboard that stunned many drivers.

In September a Kentucky atheist group paid to have a billboard put up on New Circle Road for about a month. That billboard read "Don't Believe in God? Join the club."

On Friday a church announced they plan to respond by putting up a sign near the previous location to steer drivers in another direction.

The new billboard looks similar to the original one but has a very different message.

"They asked 'Don't believe in God? Join the club.' We responded with "We believe in God. Join the right club,'" said Jared K. Henry, pastor of the Lafayette Church of the Nazarene.

This new billboard is about a quarter mile away from the previous one that came down at the beginning of October.

That billboard on Nicholasville road was an invitation to non-believers and led the curious to the website for the Bluegrass Coalition of Reason.

"They're trying to convert people to non-belief, I think that was disturbing to some people," said Henry.

The pastor hopes their new billboard, which goes up on Monday, will lead lead the curious to his church. He says church members were the ones who pushed for the response.

The design started out on a bumper sticker, one he's glad to hand out.

"There's people that believe in God, not only that he exists but that he's active in our world," said Henry.

On Tuesday, the day after the billboard goes up, Lafayette Church of the Nazarene plans to have a rally from 11 to 1pm where they'll give out bumper stickers that match the billboard.

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