Church treasurer victim of attempted robbery in Frankfort church

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT)- Often times it's a place where people turn to for help.

"Any church would be there to help someone," said Capt. Rob Warfel with Frankfort Police.

But Sunday afternoon at First Baptist Church on Clinton Street in Frankfort, after most of the congregation had gone home, a man knocked on the door with a story of a lost cell phone. The treasurer let him in, helped him look for the phone, and thought the man left when they didn't find one in the sanctuary.
Moments later the subject showed up again, but this time with a gun.

"Obviously a desperate individual," said Warfel.

He demanded cash from the safe, which was empty.

The church had already made its deposit. So the thief demanded cash from the treasurer, who said he didn't have any money either.

The treasurer was then taken to a restroom and forced to lie down, while the robber fled.

"For this individual to rob somebody that all they would need to do was ask for assistance, (the church) would have graciously helped them out I am sure," said Warfel.

Police say the man they're looking for is a young man in his 20s, wearing a white sweater and sport coat.
Despite not leaving with any money, he'll still face a robbery charge.

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