Cincinnati zoo's young gorilla makes media debut

Photo credit: The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

CINCINNATI (AP) - A baby gorilla moved from Texas has made her debut at the Cincinnati Zoo with some of the humans who have served as surrogate mothers for her.

The 3-month-old lowland gorilla named Gladys Stones made her media debut Tuesday in a yard where she'll spend time over the next month with the human surrogates, climbing trees and getting familiar with being outdoors.

She was born Jan. 29 at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. Her mother rejected her, and she was moved to Cincinnati in February to be paired with a gorilla surrogate mother.

A Cincinnati Zoo spokeswoman says about 10 people have been caring for Gladys until one of four gorillas at the zoo is selected to be her surrogate mother and they can be introduced gradually.

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