Circuit clerk warns of jury duty scam in Jessamine County

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The circuit clerk says several people in Jessamine County have been targeted by jury duty scammers.

"Scared the living day lights out of me, thinking I was going to jail," said Dora Johnson.

She says she was a nervous wreck after taking a call from a man who claimed he would throw her in jail if she didn't pay a fine.

"He called my phone Thursday night and said he was an officer with the warrant division in Jessamine County and there was a warrant issued for my arrest based on missing jury duty," she said.

She was told she needed to pay an $800 fine to stay out of jail.

Johnson says she wasn't on a jury panel at the time but she had been before, so she thought there was something to it.

"I asked him if you do come and arrest me, I'm here with my 7-year-old daughter, what's going to happen with her? He said they'd take her to foster care," she said.

Johnson tells us the scammer hung up when she told him she didn't have the money.

The circuit clerk says while the scam may sound believable, in reality only one arrest warrant has been issued in the past 14 years for a person who skipped jury duty.

We're told the jury duty scam is new to Jessamine County but it has been seen in other cities across the country.

Johnson tells us she bought into it because the scammer knew her address and gave her a badge and citation number.

"The judge that he told me signed the warrant is a name here in town that everyone knows as an official. It was very nerve wracking," said Johnson.

The circuit clerk says if you are selected for jury duty, you'll receive summons from the court in the mail.

Deputies are trying to track down the scammer. If you are contacted by the caller, they ask that you try to get his phone number.

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