City council wants Barbourville mayor removed from office

The Barbourville City Council wants to remove the mayor from office.

Thursday night during a council meeting, council members asked Mayor David Thompson to resign. He refused.

Now the six Barbourville City Council members are taking steps to remove him from office.

The Barbourville City Council wrote a letter outlining eleven reasons why they want Mayor David Thompson removed from office. The reasons are based on the audit on the city's finances where the state auditors alleged financial mismanagement.

The Barbourville City Council 13 page letter to Mayor David Thompson accuses him of violating state laws and city ordinances, including a conflict of interest hiring his wife to run the water park and not bidding $73,000 of work in the city.

"As a result of the audit, the audit findings had much misconduct and conflict of interest, so we asked him to resign," said Darren West, Barbourville City Councilman.

Mayor Thompson did not talk on camera on Friday but told us Thursday night he has no intentions of resigning.

"Looking at the audit, the city council has a responsibility to the people of Barbourville and we want to take on that responsibility and take action to go ahead and remove him, that is our wish anyway," said West.

In January, state auditors referred the audit to the Attorney General's office, but Mayor Thompson is not facing any charges at this time. Mayor Thompson told us he is taking steps to correct issues in the audit; however, council members are still taking the next steps to remove him from office.

"The auditor asked, his statement rather, was that he hoped the council would restore trust to the city of Barbourville and we took steps in that direction," said West.

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday night at 6:00pm. During the hearing the mayor can state his case on why he should remain in office.

After that hearing, the Barbourville City Council can take a vote on whether to remove him from office. If the vote is unanimous to remove him, then Mayor Thompson could be out of office.

If he is removed from office, it only affects this term and Mayor Thompson can run in an election for mayor again.

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