City officials agree to shave heads to support child with cancer

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GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) A seven-year-old Garrard County boy has been battling cancer but now people in his community are rallying around him in a show of support.

Next week, they'll all be doing something together in hopes of making him feel better.

Dealing with the diagnosis of Burkitts non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has put more on the seven-year-old's plate than any kid deserves but thankfully, Wyatt Fielder doesn’t have to fight this battle alone.

“We hurt for them, we care about them and we love them and we will do anything we can do to help out,” said Kalem Grasham, Principal at Garrard County High School.

When the principal says they'll do "anything" for Wyatt, he really means it.

On March 12th, they’ll be showing their support for Wyatt by having their heads shaved in Garrard County High School’s gym at 2:00 in front of all the students.

“I just want Wyatt and his family to know that it’s okay to be bald. Bald is beautiful now,” said Jonathan Shell, State Representative of 71st District.

The state representative along with presidents of local banks, the superintendent and even the Lancaster mayor are all on board with going bald, which they say has been the biggest struggle Wyatt has faced so far.

“Just because you have your head shaved doesn’t mean anything to anyone else, everyone is still going to love you the same and care and think about you,” Shell told WKYT Wednesday.

But Team Wyatt’s support didn't stop there; they're also raising funds for the family by selling bracelets, t-shirts and even setting up a website where people can donate (

All of this goes to show that even though Wyatt is the only one physically fighting this battle, the emotional battle is being fought with the help of an entire town and a supportive team.

**If you’re interested in donating to Wyatt Fielder’s cause, here’s a list of how you can do so:


-Mount Hebron Baptist Church has opened up an account for Wyatt Fielder at First Southern National Bank

-All four banks in Lancaster are also accepting the donations

-All banks in Lancaster are also selling Team Wyatt bracelets for $5

-Garrard County High School is selling Team Wyatt t-shirts for $10

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