City officials say Corbin has benefited from turning wet

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CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - City of Corbin officials say the community has benefited from becoming a wet city in June of 2012.

When Corbin voters approved going wet in 2012, it did not take long for one of the new package stores to become a popular destination.

"We're extremely busy all the time. Pretty much ever day really. It's a constant flow. It's better than we expected as well," said Tyler Lewis, the General Manager of Liquor Mart in Corbin.

Liquor Mart has 11 full time employees, and Alcoholic Beverage Control officials say this is an example of one of the benefits of being a wet city.

"You've got restaurants that have more people coming to eat and of course buying drinks, and for that they have had to employ more employees. And your stores, since they have started selling alcohol, they have had to employ more people," said Clara Patterson, the Corbin Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator.

Officials say increased revenue from alcohol taxes led to the purchase of five new police cars and the prices of business licenses being cut in half.

"We've not seen any downside to it that I can see," Patterson said.

Police say the number of DUI's in Corbin has gone down during the last year. The ABC Administrator we talked to thinks she might know why.

"Before they had to drive to Jellico or Richmond and you're bored driving home, you pop a beer, and you drink it on the way home. they don't have to do that now," said Patterson.

ABC officials say the city brought in more than $700,000 in alcohol taxes since Corbin became wet.

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