City streamlines communication with new radio system

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Lexington, KY- Lexington’s switch to a digital system is in response to a federal mandate requiring improved communications among agencies.
Representatives from several of them joined Lexington Mayor Jim Gray Monday at City Hall to announce the new unified radio communications system.
The hope is police, fire, dispatch, airport and corrections will all have better ability to communicate across a single platform with the implementation of the new digital system.
"The common infrastructure in itself saves money in maintenance costs,” said Keith Jackson, Lexington Fire Chief. “It provides radio coverage in all areas where, at one time, we had no coverage or it was very weak."
While police have already been using the new system, the fire department is expected to go online with it sometime this year.
According to Susan Straub, Director of Communications, the new system cost $10 million to implement, down from an estimated $17 million.

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