Investigators continue search for suspect in deadly Clay County shooting

CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators are preparing to present evidence to a grand jury in a Clay County deadly shooting that killed a local hunter.

Sheriff Kevin Johnson says they hope the evidence will help them indict a person of interest in the shooting death of Brian Griffin. He says some people have already testified in the case.

Clay County Sheriff Kevin Jackson says his office's investigation into the shooting of two hunters has led to a suspect.

They aren't releasing the man's name because he hasn't officially been charged, but that could change next week.

Law enforcement returned to the scene of that shooting in Clay County on April 24 to continue their investigation into what happened, exactly a week after someone shot Griffin, 28, and Jason Roberts while they were out turkey hunting. Griffin died. Roberts was taken to UK Hospital for treatment.

Police are calling the shooting an accident but say that could change with new evidence. They've interviewed the suspect multiple times.

"I'm not prepared to comment on what his story is," Johnson said in April. "Over the past six days we have been trying to collaborate his alibi."

Three agencies have served a search warrant connected to the shooting. During the search, they removed evidence from the home of a person of interest in the case. They also collected items from near the shooting scene to have tested for DNA evidence.

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