Coffee shop focuses on positive after break-in

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Things are slowly getting back to normal at A Cup of Common Wealth in downtown Lexington after it was broken into.
But, the crooks couldn't break their spirit here.
"You can get caught up in the bad things that happen," said Salvador Sanchez, the owner. "But, the goodness and good things, that's just as contagious and spreads just as fast."
Owners Sanchez and Chris Ortiz were amazed at the support they received from customers after the break-in.
They even got help fixing the window that was broken out.
"We're asking everyone to treat it like this is the holidays," said Ortiz. "It's really the best we can give. The support's just amazing. We want to share that with everyone we can."
This isn't a new concept to them.
They have a 'Pay it Forward' wall that allows customers to buy drinks for other people as a way to give back.
For regulars like Laura Hatfield and Jodie Koch, it's about more than just the coffee creations.
"Be good just to be good. There's no reason not to be. It just tends to have this ripple effect."
They're also taking donations of gifts at the shop.

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