Cold causes crop concerns

The freeze threat comes as the growing season is getting underway. Trees and flowers have started to bloom, and this freeze is coming at a bad time for businesses that rely on crops.

The latest cold snap has vineyard managers like Thomas Richter watching the weather closely. Luckily, vines this year are use to cold temperatures and lots of snow. Richter says their buds at Talon Winery haven't started blooming.

"Some years they're much further along at this time, but the way things are looking currently we're probably at least another two weeks away from any real signs of growth," explains Richter, "if this was after we had final pruned and the vines were coming out of dormancy and the buds were starting to break and sprout then it could have been a different story. Could have caused some damage to the plant. Could have significantly reduced our crop load."

In Scott County, Evans Orchard is already starting to see a bloom on their pear and apple trees.

"We'll run some heat in here tonight, and try to keep it up a few degrees if the wind lays," said owner Kevin Evans, "it's a big air blast heater. It runs on four big tall propane tanks."

Evans isn't as concerned about his apple trees as he is the pear trees.

"Most of the the apples are just now starting to bud out. You can see some pink and there's an occasional bloom here. We may lose a few of those big king blooms which are the bigger apples, but they've got a little ways to go before you see a lot of damage with them."

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