Cold snap causes power outages

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The Masterson Station area in Lexington has been the hardest hit in terms of power outages on Tuesday, with more than 400.

While there hasn't been a wide emergency in terms of keeping the power on, there were still thousands of outages throughout Lexington and KU's greater service area over the course of this two-day cold snap.

The temperature dip even hit home at KU’s headquarters.

It was so cold, we're told, that the lights flickered because of it.

The utility’s been asking customers to try and conserve energy.

They say it's working so far.

“They did heed our message and the number of outages went down overnight and are not as large this morning as much as we anticipated we were going to have," said Cliff Feltham, with KU.

The utility says during the daylight hours it's easiest to use the heat that's been captured when your electricity goes out.

But, getting into the overnight hours if your power is still out, you'll want to try and find another place to stay.

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