Collection continues of milk jugs for Ellis memorial

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky.- A tribute to fallen police officer, Jason Ellis, is taking shape in Woodford County.
Even though it's miles away from where he was gunned down in Bardstown folks from all over the Bluegrass are planning to honor him.
500 milk jugs arrived at the Woodford County recycling facility Wednesday.
Overseeing the special delivery was Sherri McDaniel.
"We've got about half now, we hope to get another half this afternoon then we'll be complete with this project," said McDaniel.
The plan is to create a memorial for Ellis, who was gunned down in Nelson County at about this time last year.
1,500 one-gallon milk jugs will be lined up along a 6-mile stretch from the spot where Ellis was ambushed to where he's buried.
Even though it happened miles from here, McDaniel says everyone can relate to the tragic nature of the events that day.
"I think every officer felt that when Officer Ellis was ambushed,” she said. “It could be any one of them. They all want to go home at the end of the day and that's what I think ties in everybody."
The memorial for Ellis will be held on May 25th, the day he was killed.

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