Lexington road construction headaches continue

A deadly accident over the weekend is raising concerns in a Lexington neighborhood.

A motorcyclist was killed in a construction zone on Leestown Road in the early hours of Saturday morning. Police say the motorcycle collided with a car, then an SUV hit the motorcycle again. The motorcycle driver, 39-year-old Mary Reynolds-Drury died later.

The crash happened near the Masterson Station neighborhood. People who live in that area say the accident highlights one of their safety concerns. Several people tell WKYT that since the construction started, streetlights that used to light the area have come down. They say if the lights had still been there, the SUV driver may have seen Reynolds-Drury and swerved around her.

"You can't see anything. That main light that shines, kind of, in this little intersection here, that was off," one viewer said.

Transportation Cabinet officials say they had to remove those lights to make room for road widening.

"The lights did have to be removed for construction to continue. Pedestrians and also motorists in this neighborhood need to always be careful in daytime and dusk as well as evening hours," said Natasha Lacy, with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The construction has also caused headaches for people who have to drive through the area daily.

"I just hate even a traffic light, because I hate having to stop for 60 seconds. That 60 seconds of your life is gone and you're never going to get it back," said Sandy Johnstone.

The project should be finished by December 2015.

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