Community gathers to raise money for marine's widow

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT)- Dozens of people gathered at a central Kentucky restaurant Thursday evening to help a woman whose husband was murdered.

Lexington Police say 26-year-old Marine Jonathan Price was shot to death during a robbery in June in the parking lot of Austin City Saloon.
Police have not made any arrests in the case.

Price’s wife, Megan, was also shot in the leg but survived.

Since then, the community and the state have rallied around her, showing support in any way possible and Thursday was no different.

Shortly after the tragedy, Megan's childhood friend, Aaron Jones, was inspired to set up something special for her; something that could help put a smile on her face during this difficult time.

"The family of Megan Price is just full of good people. I’ve known them my whole life so I wanted to do something to help and this is just what I knew to do," Jones told WKYT.

So on Thursday, Aaron along with 25 others took center stage in the middle of Buffalo Wild Wings in Frankfort.

"If nothing else, I think this flash mob we put together sends a message to Megan that she isn't alone in this. Even the people who participated in it who don't know her still care about her. We care about her story and her plight."

He hopes the coordinated effort showed Megan how much the community is still thinking about her, praying for her and even dancing for her.

"Even though this happened a few months ago, I think that we still are all looking for answers. we don't want to let this story fall by the way side. We want this to stay active in people's minds."

We spoke with Megan at the event and she said that she’s still recovering from the shooting but she expects to return to work part time in the next month or two.

Ten percent of the proceeds made at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Frankfort Thursday night will be donated to Megan Price.

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