Community gives special Easter to Georgetown family who lost home to fire

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GEORGETOWN Ky. (WKYT) - Deidra Roberts points to trash bags filled with clothes saying, “Everybody that's willing to help, they've given us things for me and my boyfriend and some of these clothes are for my kids."

She says the bags filled with donated clothes are all they have after a fire destroyed their Georgetown apartment on Williamsburg Lane Friday night.

Roberts says arson investigators told her someone walked into their apartment while they were out and started the fire on purpose.

"I don't understand why. They knew I have two kids," Roberts said.

She says they couldn't afford renter's insurance so everything they had was gone for good; but then people across the Bluegrass learned what happened.

"I've at least been contacted by 30 to 40 people through email and just as many through Facebook," she said.

She says the concerned people have been bringing them just what they need to make it day to day.

Roberts says because their home burned down before Easter, she was worried her children wouldn't have any Easter baskets.

However, she says the community came through, bringing her children several Easter baskets filled with goodies.

She says the eggs and candy and clothes have given them more than a special Easter, they've given them hope.

"Without them it would be hard to get back on our feet," she said.

Roberts says they've been given enough clothes for their son but she says she and her boyfriend still need clothes and so does their three year old daughter.

If you have clothes or toys that you’d like to donate to the family, you can email Roberts at or call her at (859) 552 – 6747.

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